Full break-out doors

Designed to meet security needs in public places, the automatic full break-out door provides all the comfort of an automatic sliding door and turns into an emergency exit in case the building needs to be evacuated.

The full break-out leaves open as a swing door with a simple manual push so that people can exit over the entire width of the bay for more efficient evacuations.

The full break-out design is increasingly widely available to offer greater flexibility and comfort.

Our doors include an operator and robustly designed and flexible leaves to adapt to any use case.

Product benefits

  • Full break-out leaves for optimal evacuation capacity
  • Operations that guarantee optimal security
  • New profile design
  • Complies with safety standards and regulations (CO48)

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FBO leaves


Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East


Operating security & building security
Our break-out door is equipped with a positive security opening detection system: when the break-out opening is triggered, the door automatically switches to manual mode to allow the leaves to operate freely without constraints.

There are a variety of systems possible to combine comfort and safety: electric locks, mechanical key locks, interior espagnolette locks, etc.

Interior espagnolettes act as an inside emergency exit bar and can be installed on the vertical profiles.

Two models are available :
– top locking: the break-out opening is locked. If there is an emergency evacuation, manual unlocking allows the sliding leaves to swing out
– top and bottom locking: the break-out opening and sliding opening are locked to ensure the building has optimal protection against break-ins when the premises are closed.

Combine the break-out leaves with the best operator for your needs :
Portalp break-out leaves are universal and fit any kind of operator: Tina, Diva LC, Diva, etc.
This adaptability allows you to enjoy the performance of the right type of operator for your project (small size, high power, great design, etc.).


Full break-out doors are designed for areas with heavy traffic and designed as emergency exits.

Elle est fréquemment détournée de sa fonction première pour permettre le passage occasionnel d’objets encombrants nécessitant une large ouverture de passage (voitures, mobilier, palettes de livraison…).


In the full break-out leaves version, the door comes in :
• single door version: one sliding leaf (left or right closure) and one semi-fixed side leaf
• double door version: two sliding leaves and two semi-fixed side or double leaves

In the simple break-out version, the door comes only with sliding leaves that pivot inside or outside with a manual push to open up the entire door opening in case of emergency.

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