Portalp is committed to an environmentally friendly approach

Environmental responsibility adds value to our business

Portalp is subject to regulatory requirements to conduct a review of greenhouse gas emission of its various activities in accordance with article L.229-15 of the French environmental code (law no. 2010-788 of 12 July 2010 on the national commitment to the environment).

Our environmentally friendly approach is combined with change management to help our employees respect this commitment.

Our teams, in their respective departments, take steps to make the changes needed in our behavior. There are many areas for improvement, but our commitment to bringing concrete responses is absolute, with actions to process electric and electronic equipment, recycle paper, and act in an environmentally friendly manner.

Report – Review of our greenhouse gas emissions

Our actions for the environment

Processing electric and electronic waste

Our participation in the chain of collection and processing of electric and electronic waste from our installations is the expression of our desire to respect regulations that foster sustainable development. The European directive 2003/108/EC of 8 December 2003 (amending article 9 concerning the funding of professional waste), concerning electric and electronic equipment requires the selective collection of waste with a view to recovering materials from them. Our electric and electronic components as well as our used glass and aluminum are retrieved and recycled without producing uncontrolled pollution.

By taking care of our products’ quality, we protect the environment around us.

Aluminum and glass recycling

Through processing centers, Portalp has set up procedures to recycle aluminum and glass in its branches and production site. We optimize our scraps of aluminum and, by streamlining our main bracket length, we reduce the amount of scraps we produce.

Controlling our use of raw materials.

Paper recycling

Portalp has signed a partnership with the post office to recycle office paper that covers white paper, color prints, brochures, prospectuses and catalogs. We are currently testing small “Ecobelles” boxes in our offices; we hope the test is successful so we can extend it to all departments. A collection frequency that is suitable for our company’s needs to supply the French paper recycling industry.

An annual certificate that confirms our commitment to sustainability.