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Thermal break door

DIVA ECOENERGY is Portalp’s thermal break sliding door.

Diva Ecoenergy is the first thermal break door to be released on the market.

It combines technical performance and design to improve buildings’ thermal comfort in winter and summer.

The automatic thermal break door encourages natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting (saving energy).


Product benefits

  • Thermal performance and comfort
  • New, clean design
  • Thermal transmission coefficient Uw : 2W/m²°K
  • Insulating panes up to 36 mm

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Leaves range


Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East


  • Installation :  surface applied, between walls and against posts
  • Reinforced header : 200 mm height x 200 mm depth
  • Maximum opening height: 3100 mm
  • 1-leaf opening width : minimum 750 mm up to 1800 mm
  • 2-leaf opening width: minimum 900 mm up to 2900 mm
  • Control and detection mechanisms: Naviblu 2, Visioblu S remote control, infrared security, etc.


Improves the energy performance of service, administrative, and commercial building…


  • Thermal break crémone locks (European cylinder)
  • Thermal break key lock (European cylinder)
  • Floor-recessed skirting from 0 to 16 mm
  • Exterior emergency thermal break unlocking


Saving energy is a priority for us, so we wanted to provide you with our ECOENERGY calculator. It will help you instantly see the benefits that our DIVA ECOENERGY door will bring to your building.

The tool is informative and easy to use: enter the data about your location, your environment (temperature) and the size of your entrance (bay height/width), and the ECOENERGY calculator will compare the thermal performance of several door models and an estimate of the energy savings you can make.

Download the ECOENERGY calculator, and in just a few clicks, you will see how much energy you can save with DIVA ECOENERGY.

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