Our certifications

Thanks to our constant investment in research and development, the performance, reliability, and design of Portalp products are recognized.

Since late 2003, Portalp has been ISO 9001-certified. We confirm our commitment to progress and quality through our product certifications. Our entire range of solutions is CE-certified and respects European directives in terms of safety and standards specific to certain countries (TÜV certification).

In addition to our products, our quality approach is certified for our entire national network.

The group’s founding values

« The key
to our growth »

This is the reflection of our desire to listen and constantly improve our products and services.

« The first component
of our story »

Beyond an ethical approach of respect for people and our environment, we remain faithful to our roots and our know-how.

« Inseparable
from our image »

A constant quest for perfection
to offer our customers the best.

ISO and QUALIBAT, french certifications

SOCOTEC Certifications
ISO 9001 / ISO 45001

These standards define the requirements for implementing a quality and occupational health and safety (OHS) management system. They apply to our activities in the marketing, installation and maintenance of all types of manual and automatic building closures, as well as the installation of platform screen doors.

ISO 9001 and 45001 SOCOTEC certifications concern our network of agencies

AFAQ certifications
ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

These standards define the requirements for the implementation of a quality and environmental management system and apply to our activities in the design, manufacture and marketing of opening automation.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 AFAQ certifications concern our development and production centers


This seal certifies our reliability and skills in our fields of activity. It also certifies that we are up-to-date in our tax and social security payments.



After a strategic business review of the US market, Portalp has decided to cease its operations in the USA.
We apologize for this situation and hope that our current partners/distributors will satisfy your needs.

For any inquiries please contact us via contact form