Public transportation

Station platforms are places with particularly high foot traffic and where danger exists around the trains.

To secure tramway and subway platforms, you can install long screens of doors to protect passengers on the platform until the automatic doors open when the train stops.

These automatic doors meet very strict safety requirements (high-performance panes, robust structures, positive security locks, etc.). They can be supervised from a central computer.

Portalp can work on any type of public transport: our opening mechanisms can be installed on the trains to control the automatic opening of doors when the train stops with the same level of performance and safety.


Our references

SNCF train stations (Toulon, Belfort, Epinal, Versailles, Paris Masséna, Lyon Perrache, Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Perpignan, Arras, Valenciennes, Lille, Metz, Lorient, Pont à Mousson, Nancy, Reims, Epernay, Saint Malo, Béziers, Brest, Bastia, La Rochelle, Marseille, Menton, Antibes, etc.)

Oeiras subway stations (Portugal), Zurich airport stations (Switzerland), MINI METRO (Perugia, Italy), etc.

ZURICH airport (Switzerland), BASEL airport (Switzerland), HANOI airport (Vietnam), ST BARTHELEMY airport (Guadeloupe), CASABLANCA airport (Morocco), ST PIERRE airport (Reunion Island), BRATISLAVA airport (Slovakia), FIUMICINO airport (Rome, Italy), LINATE airport (Milan, Italy), CROTONE airport (Italy), ISTANBUL airport (Turkey), PRAGUE airport (Czechia), Paris-Roissy airports, Lyon airport, etc.

Our automated solutions for public transportation

Find all our subway platform solutions in our platform screen solutions section.

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