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What type of security is right for your buildings?

We install custom solutions and services to meet your building security needs. In each location, we set up a specific configuration for:

  • controlled vehicle access
  • controlled pedestrian access
  • access control
  • intrusion detection
  • video protection

Whether public or private buildings, buildings that welcome the public, logistics or production sites, stores, or other places of work, our main objectives are to:

  • prevent malicious acts and better protect people and goods,
  • control incoming and outgoing traffic and filter accesses,
  • encourage the movement of people and staff.

We offer our clients turnkey solutions, the range of which has no direct equivalent on the market.

The many access control possibilities secure entrances to sensitive facilities by making access selective. Their reliability and reactivity, the range of possible settings, and their perfect potential for integration make access control mechanisms discrete accessories to protecting goods and peopl

Our building security solutions

Controlled pedestrian access

Controlling pedestrian access helps you reduce operating costs, manage traffic, and ensure users’ safety. Tripod turnstiles, security turnstiles, and secure corridors for transporting a variety of equipment are available to meet your needs and solve your problems.

Controlled vehicle access

For vehicles, there is a wide range of equipment to control entrances and access: parking lot or security barriers, sliding or swing barriers combined with electronic control systems that let you customize access to your parking lot, shopping center, airport, residence, or industrial or service building.

Access control

Access control allows you to control and allow or refuse the opening of doors, barriers, or turnstiles. It uses badge sensors, biometric sensors, and code keypads.

Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection consists of detecting any presence in a building or compound. It dissuades the intruder (alarm) and raises the alert if needed. We offer systems that adapt to all environments to provide security and meet your operating constraints.

Video protection

Today, the term video protection has replaced video surveillance. Video protection is used to protect people and not monitor them. We implement custom solutions.<

Access control examples

Autonomous Code Keypad

Multiple combinations possible with a touch-sensitive keypad in a stainless steel, anti-vandalism and hermetically sealed case.

Proximity sensor

Hands-free switch adjustable up to 50 cm to voluntarily detect objects or people.

Hands-free sensor

Detects badges attached to vehicles’ windshields up to 10 meters away.
Works without an activation button for hands-free access control.

Electronic key and cylinder

The electronic key is the medium for a wireless reading technology chip. It contains information about the user and includes the battery. The cylinder, with power supplied by the key, identifies the user. It includes a real-time clock.

Biometrics sensor

The biometrics sensor is ideal to manage access to offices, elevators, IT rooms, operating rooms, and other sensitive facilities. It works autonomously or centralized, reacts in one second, and is easy to program.<

Our certifications

We have two certifications delivered by AFNOR Certification – www.marque-nf.com and CNPP Cert. – ww.cnpp.com. They concern the services:
– installation and maintenance of intrusion detection systems.
– installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems.

These certifications recognize our professional skills and know-how. They guarantee that you are receiving a quality service and that our security systems are reliable and effective.

Installation and maintenance services
for intrusion detection systems – Cybersecurity
  (NF 367 – I81) Category AB

Certificate no.: 172/12/367-81

CThese certifications are proof of the service’s compliance with the provisions of NF X 50-785, the APSAD R81 regulation, and the referential NF 367 – I81.

Installation and maintenance services
for video surveillance systems – Cybersecurity@
(NF 367 – I82)

Certificate n°: 087/12/367-82

These certifications are proof of the service’s compliance with the provisions of NF X 50-785, the regulation APSAD R81, and the referential NF 367 – I82.

They guarantee that the certified characteristics covering the business relationship, the design, the execution, the reception, the initial verification of conformity, the maintenance and regular verifications of installations, the organization and customer satisfaction methods, the staff and material resources are regularly inspected by AFNOR Certification and CNPP Cert.