Grand Paris Express : the ENGIE Solutions and Portalp consortium wins two contracts to install platform screens for metro lines 14, 16 and 17

ENGIE Solutions (consortium leader) and Portalp have been chosen by the RATP and Société du Grand Paris (SGP) respectively as part of the initiative to extend line 14 and build lines 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express transit network. Altogether, these contracts cover the installation of 672 platform screen doors. Work is scheduled to start in 2022 for all three lines, with line 14 scheduled to come into service in 2024.

ENGIE Solutions and Portalp have been chosen by the RATP as part of the project to extend line 14 from Orly airport to Saint-Denis Pleyel. They will be tasked with conducting surveys and with developing, supplying, certifying, installing, integrating, conducting trials, commissioning and providing technical support for platform screens during their warranty period for the eight new stations (seven to the South and one to the North of the line). The contract is worth a total of €46 million. This contract covers the 16 new platforms, each 120 metres long, and involves installing a total of 384 platform screen doors.

The consortium has also been chosen by Société du Grand Paris to apply its expertise and know-how to installing platform screens on all ten stations along line 16 of the Grand Paris Express, as well as the six stations on line 17, worth a total of nearly €41 million.

The contract covers the full length of lines 16 and 17, between the Saint-Denis Pleyel and Noisy-Champs stations in one direction, and between the Saint-Denis Pleyel and Le Mesnil Amelot stations in the other. Each station has two 54-metre platforms, except for Saint-Denis Pleyel (73 metres), Chelles (60 metres) and Le Bourget RER (61 metres). These two new metro lines will include 16 new stations and will require a total of 288 platform screen doors.

Thanks to their expertise in project interfaces and their ability to factor in the specific features of each piece of infrastructure, ENGIE Solutions and Portalp are able to manage each phase of the project – from design and entry into commercial service through to maintenance. These two contracts are not the first to have been won by ENGIE Solutions and Portalp : in March 2019, the consortium won the invitation to tender issued by Vienna (Austria) for its “Metro platform screens” as part of a drive to automate line U5.

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