Extra-wide sliding gate works

Installation of a self-supporting industrial gateway


PORTALP installed a self-supporting steel gateway of over 16 m. It was unloaded in 30 minutes by a 3.5-ton capacity Manitou. The gateway was installed to manage the entrance and exit of an equipment fleet in the Aude department of France.

The regional works manager for southern France made two changes to the original design with the agreement of our supplier to make the gateway more “industrial”

  • Changed to two posts in reception (single as standard)
  • Changed to two full-height motorization headers to house accessories such as rail din/clock/key contact/AU/etc. (low header as standard).
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Technical solutions

Logistics management

Project technical sheet

Manufacturer : HERAS
Type of gate : ATLAS 2
Real opening width : 11,000 mm
Leaf length : 16,340 mm
Leaf height : 2,500 mm
Leaf weight : 1.5 T
Finish : shot blasting, metalization with zinc, thickness 60 microns / Polyurethane finish
Color : RAL ORANGE 2004
Motorization : SEW + speed varier / AUTOMATIC operations using a clock