DIVA 5 round door

DIVA is a range of exceptional automatic doors designed for public places with heavy foot traffic. With a remarkably detailed esthetic, our round doors are popular in corporate headquarters, hotels, restaurants, casinos, spas, and other places that want a high-quality reception for their clients.

The new DIVA 5 range comes in several versions that all share DIVA’s high level of technology. This range is easy to install in existing structures thanks to its high modularity and safe operations

DIVA5 comes with the NAVIBLU dashboard that opens up new features and makes configuring the door easy. The user can also use other simple or multi-functional control systems that meet their needs and the door’s usage.

Our product benefits

  • Custom dimensions
  • RAL lacquer finish, AS1, metallic color
  • Applied on the surface, between walls, or against posts
  • Half-round, 360° round airlock, oblong airlock
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Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East


  • Aluminum structure
  • Canopy : minimum height of 320 mm
  • Diameter : 1700 to 3700 mm
  • Maximum opening height: 3100 mm
  • Minimum/maximum opening width: depends on diameter (special projects, please contact us)
  • Opening speed: 1 leaf : 10 to 100 cm/s – 2 leaves: 20 to 200 cm/s
  • Closing speed: 1 leaf 10 to 60 cm/s – 2 leaves 20 to 120 cm/s


Corporate headquarters, hotels, restaurants, casinos, spas, and other locations that want a high-quality reception for their clients


  • Special lacquer, Stainless steel (on request)
  • Electric locking
  • IR receiver
  • Inside manual emergency unlock
  • Infrared S (Simplified) remote control
  • Positive security locking
  • IR key
  • Break-out system (EMI – CO48)
  • 6-position key selector (with reset)

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