The ISO3 operator for swing doors

Improve accessibility and traffic in your facilities with the ISO3 operator

The first function of a door is to separate spaces (inside/outside, high-traffic/calm areas, controlled/uncontrolled environment, etc.) and to provide security when closed. Opening can be problematic in high-traffic areas or where manual opening is difficult such as when pushing carts or beds, for users with reduced mobility or handicapped people, or in medical environments where it is essential to maintain good hygiene by avoiding touching door handles. The electromechanical ISO3 operator automates any manual swing doors, new or existing. Reliable, practical, easy to install, and immediately operational, it is comfortable to use.

Energy control in buildings

ISO3 is one of the best performing operators on the market, with a flexibility of use that allows it to handle intensive situations indoors and outdoors.

The operator can be installed on the left or right to open with a push or a pull. The automatic door can be used as an emergency exit. ISO3 opens securely and quickly in the evacuation direction in case of emergency or panic. If electricity fails, the door can be opened manually. In spaces with large hallways, ISO3 can be installed on double doors by connecting two mechanisms that communicate with each other (master/slave) and synchronize the opening and closing movements.

Most often, the operator is used in automatic mode. Opening radars trigger the movement automatically as soon as someone approaches. Security detectors are installed on the leaf to avoid any objects or people when opening or closing. A selector on the operator allows you to choose between three operating modes (Automatic/Open/Manual) to suit your everyday needs. You can associate a variety of control systems with the operator to fit any application.

ISO3 can also be used as just a door closer to optimize manual operations (Push and Go function). You can also add an assisted control for the disabled in the Power Assisted function; in this case, manual opening is triggered by a push button or hands-free switch to make it easy to open for everyone.

The operator is very popular in retirement and nursing homes, operating in low energy mode and opening and closing at reduced speeds in compliance with the level of security laid out by standard EN16005. The reduced forces of inertia allow for a soft movement suitable for fragile populations. In low energy, the door can be operated without security detectors or even without special control systems or detectors in Push and Go mode where a slight pressure on the leaf triggers the opening.

With the ISO3 operator, go hands-free and make opening doors a breeze.