Automatic doors for the healthcare sector

Healthcare sector
How can we help people with reduced mobility, simplify the movement of stretchers, respect the rules of good hygiene and sterility in operating rooms, and avoid touching the doors with our hands ?

In the medical field, reception is a question of comfort and efficiency. Automatic doors are suitable for all types of buildings and allow for all kinds of esthetic choices, providing an image of comfort, modernity, and harmony.

Our high-traffic and wide-opening automatic doors make it easy to move beds or ambulatory material. Detection systems are suitable for people with reduced mobility and carts.


Our references


La Timone Hospital (Marseille), Military hospital (Brest), Edouard Herriot Hospital (Lyon), Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital (Paris), Val de Grâce Hospital (Paris), Le Méridien Clinic (Cannes), Saint-Antoine Clinic (Nice), ASEPTA Laboratory (Monaco), Hélio Marin Center (Hyeres), Fondation Rotschild (Villeneuve St Denis)

Portalp’s range of automatic doors

In a medical environment, reception is a question of comfort and efficiency. How can we help people with reduced mobility? How can we make it easy to move beds, wheelchairs, and respect the rules of hygiene and sterility in operating rooms by avoiding touching doors with our hands ?

Heavy-traffic and wide-opening automatic doors make it easy for beds to move. Detection systems are suitable for carts or for people with reduced mobility.

For operation theatre :

Our hermetic doors are designed to foster good hygiene in sterile environments, acting as a defensive barrier against bacteria.

In X Ray room :

Protecting against X-ray radiation is a must. Our X-ray door provides this protection to respect current regulations while allowing for a variety of leaf styles.

In other rooms with a controlled environment :

Our leakage flow control doors limit airflow to maintain the level of hygiene required in intensive care units, recovery rooms, and laboratories. They adapt to overpressure or negative pressure constraints.

Our healthcare and hospital security solutions

Security: our historic experience
Whether you are a public hospital, clinic, or retirement home, problems can multiply quickly, interact, and sometime collide: accessibility, security, safety, surveillance, filtering staff and visitors, protecting people and property, preventing incivility. Our company has a deep and historic understanding of the constraints specific to the healthcare sector.
Our solutions
    • Reinforced automatic doors and security curtains for sensitive areas (emergency rooms, psychiatric wards, geriatrics, etc.)
    • 24/7 monitoring of incoming and outgoing access to facilities
    • Surveillance and warning systems should patients wander to unexpected areas
    • Access control and opening filtering
    • Anti-escape systems
    • Selective management and filtering of vehicle access for parking
    • Reinforced counter screens with document trays (emergency rooms)
    • Surveillance and warning systems in case equipment is moved unexpectedly
    • Video protection

Our installations in healthcare