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Automatic pedestrian doors

Discover our automatic doors which are available in several ranges, kinematics and configurations, in particular the sliding doors adapted to the most common applications.

Heavy or moderate traffic, accessibility for all, large passage, restricted environment, hygiene, brand image and aesthetics… whatever your needs, an automatic door will meet them.

Sliding doors

Portalp RS sliding door in a mall

Sliding doors are the most universal models, integrating harmoniously into all environments and meeting all expectations in terms of accessibility and comfort of use.

Fire-rated door

Porte Diva RS coupe-feu

Help prevent the spread of fires in any building! The DIVA RS fire-rated door provides all the comfort of an everyday automatic door, all while contributing to safety in the event of an alarm.

Swing door operator

Installed over the passageway, this electro-mechanical operator provides an easy and fast automation solution to a swing door automation, whether new or renovated.

Thermal break door

The thermal break door promotes natural light to reduce energy consumption. It combines technical performance and design to help improve thermal comfort in buildings.