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RS metro platform screen door

Train transportation requires preventing travelers from going onto the rails where danger is everywhere.

For passengers’ safety and comfort, it is recommended to install platform screen doors.

Tall screen doors are made up of a set of door modules installed in a long line that protects commuters from the dangers on the railway. They are recommended to optimize platforms’ sound and thermal insulation as fanlights are installed over the screen door. The fanlights are the link between the tand the ceiling. Sandwich panels in steel sheets injected with polyurethane foam act as a thermal bridge and reduce noise.

Portalp has designed a revolutionary system of intermediary posts. Reducing their width reduces the overall linear dimensions of the line of doors. This allows us to maintain access for people with reduced mobility. For the Vienna subway, a sound guidance system for those with reduced mobility was installed with a specific opening button.

The platform facade is made up of several automatic doors driven by a powerful operator appropriate for this specific type of project.

An electric security lock is an addition to the equipment to ensure that the door remains locked and closed until the permission to open is given. It secures the door’s leaves while it is closed. The doors are unlocked only when the train in front of the door has stopped. In case of power failure, the door remains closed.

In case of emergency or if the train is poorly aligned, passengers can still evacuate the train at any time. The passenger manually unlocks the sliding leaves or accesses the platform by activating the swing doors’ break-out bars.

Making it easy for technical teams to intervene is at the heart of our concerns: you can directly access the command facility while standing to performance maintenance on the motor. It’s a Portalp exclusivity! 


Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East


Mechanical performance :

  • Resists a push from a group of people of 3000 linear N/m applied at 1100 mm off the floor according to NF P 01-013
  • Resists an impact of 700 J with a standard M50 bag (50 kg of tempered glass beads) according to NF P08-301


  • Opening speed : 2.5 seconds per door (adjustable speed)
  • Closing speed : 3.5 seconds per door (adjustable speed)
    NOTE : opening and closing speeds are not set to their maximum performances for obvious safety reasons. The speed curves can be configured for a smooth movement that fits the opening frequency of subway doors. Their speed is conditional to the weight of the doors and the 20-joules constraint.
  • Maximum closing force of 450 N
  • Maximum closing energy of 20 J
  • The leaves’ opening must be synchronized with the train’s doors.
  • Facade power supply in low ou very low voltage (230 V or 48 V alternating current).
  • Door status (closed, locked, defective, etc.) reported to the supervision system (and SCADA).



Passageway lighting included :
Vertical bands of LED lights let passenger’s know the module’s status. Each platform screen door module can be disassociated. This allows you to maintain the station and the subway’s level of service.

Informational or advertising screens :
Portalp offers an option to add advertising screens on the emergency swing doors. They can be used for advertising, client information, or both.

  • Advertising and/or commuter information screen on the swing door
  • Advertising and/or commuter information screen on the fanlight

Other options :

  • External glued or slide-in glass
  • Pane marking and screen printing
  • RAL shades for aluminum profiles
  • RILSAN high-performance insulation covering


  • Lifespan : 30 years
  • Temperature : -25°C to 55°C
  • Humidity : 5% to 90%
  • Electromagnetic compatibility : EN 50121-4, EN 61000-6-2, and EN 61000-6-4. The facade does not block electromagnetic waves (will not disrupt the 4G network, for example).


Standard prerequisites based on the EU standards project prEN 17168 and on standards of world references such as RATP.

The prerequisites of our specifications are RATP’s performance standards, which are the global reference in urban subway operations.

Full-height platform screen doors

Half-height platform screen doors

Our product benefits
  • Greater thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Header with a drive and locking system in the upper part
  • Ground and ceiling fixation
  • Leaf with self-supporting four-sided frame
Full-height platform screen door characteristics
  • Installation : platform floor/ceiling
  • Structure : aluminum/steel
  • Opening width : 1800 mm to 2100 mm (Contact us for larger sizes)
  • Minimum opening height : 1950 mm (According to standards)
  • Panes : glass class 1-B-1 according to EN 12600
Our product benefits
  • Better view, no loss of visibility thanks to the panes with no upper part
  • Drive and locking system recessed in the lower part
  • Ground fixation only
  • Leaf with self-supporting three-sided frame
Half-height platform screen door characteristics
  • Installation: platform floor
  • Structure: aluminum/steel
  • Opening width: 1800 mm to 2100 mm (Contact us for larger sizes)
  • Opening height: not applicable
  • Panes: glass class 1-B-1 according to EN 12600


After a strategic business review of the US market, Portalp has decided to cease its operations in the USA.
We apologize for this situation and hope that our current partners/distributors will satisfy your needs.

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