Manual door system ICU – SL38

Manual doors ICU SL38

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Manual Sliding & Telescopic Door System

For healthcare; Isolation, ICU, CCU, and other hospital-related scenarios with the full beak-out capability.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful motor.
  • Battery back up in case of power failure.
  • Logic box for managing the integration of all features including keypads, alarm systems, etc.
  • Control interfaces that offer high performance with user-friendly technology (Visioblu, Naviblu).
  • Four heavy-duty Delrin rollers per panel for smooth & quiet movement.
  • Carriage cleaning system to minimize dust and debris.
  • Glass stops for easy glazing & glass replacement.
  • Full vertical height interlock with double weatherstrip seal for optimizing energy conservation.
  • Full breakout capability for maximum egress.
  • Aesthetically pleasing contoured profile.
  • Modular assembly allows for easy installation and minimizes wiring time.
  • Scissor feature at top of SX panels keeps doors aligned and guides panels back into place after “break out”.


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