RS renovation kits for all brands of automatic door

Kit de nénovation portes automatiques changez l'opérateur pas la porte !

Kits for renovating or repairing your faulty automatic door

No longer satisfied with your automatic door? Thanks to RS Retrofit kits, you can just change the mechanism rather than the whole door. A practical, economical solution for giving your automatic door a new lease of life!

Quick to fit on any sliding automatic door
RS Retrofit kits
can be installed on the existing operator. The control system is thus completely replaced with an RS operator equipped with innovative, connected technology.
The existing leaves and their roller systems are retained. No major work is therefore required, nor is any intervention on the door structure, which keeps its external appearance and style.

Maximize security and reliability by benefiting from the latest Portalp innovations
The leaves are now driven by a new operator. The door performs better, has more functionalities and is more user-friendly as it is controlled by smartphone. This next-generation operator also expands the range of possibilities through its CAN bus technology for controlling and communicating with all kinds of peripherals: detection radars, security systems, access control or control devices depending on your requirements.

Do a good deed for the environment by changing only what needs changing
Installing an RS Retrofit kit is quick and economical, as it is limited to the perimeter of the mechanism. It is also a solution that contributes to a sustainable future. By changing only what needs changing, we are looking after our planet by extending the lifetime of our equipment.
RS renovation kits are compatible with most automatic pedestrian door brands on the market. They are also designed for Portalp doors so that our customers can benefit from our latest innovations.