Glass safety decals at Portalp

To ensure your building is safe for those with visual impairments, glass surfaces and how they are signaled are of a particular importance.

Below you will find tips on how to make your establishment visible and secure for everyone while keeping its attractiveness by using adhesive stickers.

Visual bands in brief


Horizontal bands 5-cm wide.


Bands placed at 1.10 m and 1.60 m high


Glazed area

Visible when open and closed.


Interior / Exterior

Visible from both sides of the glass pane

Prohibited colors

The colors red and orange are prohibited by CO44.

Learn more about signaling glass surfaces

To guarantee optimal safety, Portalp has spent years developing visual bands that meet legal requirements.

Signaling glass

surfaces (adhesive stickers):

The legislation

The law of February 11, 2005 recognizes equal opportunity, participation, and civic rights for disabled people. “Accessibility must respond to all situations of handicap and applies in particular to housing and all buildings that are open to the public.” Safety measures are required starting at the entrance door to a building for all people with visual impairments. “All doors that include a glass surface must be recognizable when opened or closed using visual aids that contrast with the surrounding environment.”

New : The order of April 20, 2017 states that all glass walls on or along pathways must be recognizable to people of all sizes using elements that visually contrast with the surrounding environment and visible from both sides of the wall.

Tips for installing

the adhesive sticker

For doors that open to the outside, it is essential that you avoid glare (from sun or artificial light). You must place contrasting elements, whether painted, glued, or etched into the glass. The easiest and cheapest to install are adhesive bands or stickers. We recommend installing these stickers on the interior so that they last longer. Choose a color that contrasts with your environment; you can also showcase your company’s colors or customize your entrance to fit your image. The adhesive stickers come in many colors and patterns, and they can also be customized. We recommend using 5-cm wide horizontal bands placed at heights of 1.10 m and 1.60 m.

A good use of contrasts allows the door to stand out to those with poor sight.


glass parts

Minimum security requirements: transparent surfaces must be correctly indicated (for example with marking, colored glass, etc.).

Careful : NF EN 16005: careful, the colors red and orange are prohibited by CO44. NF EN 16361 specifies the impact resistance performance applicable to door glass. Compliance with NF EN 12600 is one way to prove this.

Presence of contrasting visual elements.

Order of August 01, 2006 as amended relative to accessibility for the disabled.

Careful : the DHUP memo of November 30, 2007 relative to accessibility for disabled people recommends placing the patterns in two 50-mm wide bands placed respectively at 1.10 m and 1.60 m high off the ground. The provisions of DTU 39 P5 are different. However, since they are directly related to the order of August 01, 2006, the provisions of the latter prevail.



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