The Portalp group

About the Portalp Group

The Portalp Group has built its reputation and unique know-how by listening and being close to our markets and clients.

Since 1962, Portalp has designed and developed a wide range of automatic doors. As an essential key player on the market, Portalp has grown around automatic pedestrian doors. Industrial and garage doors, physical controls, and physical and electronic security position us as a key player today.

With an integrated network of 26 branches in France, Portalp has an office near you to provide fast service for new installations and after-sales maintenance interventions.

Today, the Portalp Group employs over 750 people who work around the world in our subsidiaries in a variety of industries. Our staff’s commitment and expertise are key to building the trust that our clients place in us every day and that is essential to building long-lasting relationships.

More than ever, the Portalp Group is by your side to face the challenges of tomorrow.


Accor Solutions

Since 1983, Accor Solutions has imported, installed, perfected, and distributed access management and control systems and products.


Depuis 1974, notre filiale Technomag – Actuel Pharm est le spécialiste de l’agencement intérieur et extérieur de surfaces de vente et de pharmacie.


Since 2009, Facilliance manages your multi-technical maintenance and renovations.


Since 1969, Delebecque has been our expert in metal construction and joinery.