HDS CLEAN hermetic door

HDS CLEAN hermetic doors are your first line of defense in healthcare, providing a hermetic seal against air and dust. They are designed to meet health and safety requirements while being easy to use every day.

HDS CLEAN’s hermetic performance has been certified by advanced laboratory tests, meaning it is safe and reliable.

The door opens automatically, controlled by various systems appropriate for each use case (remote control, foot or elbow push button, hands-free switch, detection radar, etc.).

The leaves are made of a rigid core covered by high-density laminated panels that come in a wide range of colors. Other materials or covers are available to meet all specific applications (sound insulation, transparency, wet environments, etc.).

Our product benefits

  • Hermetic up to 25 Pa
  • Flow rate of 0.10 m³/h/m² at 50 Pa
  • A powerful operator
  • Leaf suitable for the healthcare sector
  • Air permeability test (CSTB)

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Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East


  • Applied on the surface
  • Header with or without anti-dust cover
  • 6 HPL laminate colors in stock
  • Passage width min/max (1 leaf): 27.5″ / 70.8″ (contact us for specific projects)
  • Maximum opening height: 98.4″ (contact us for specific projects)
  • Maximum leaf weight: 1 x 330.6 lb


HDS CLEAN is developed for technical areas in healthcare establishments: operating rooms, disinfection rooms, sterilized rooms, as well as clean rooms and other rooms with a controlled environment. It allows staff and equipment to move smoothly in a medical environment.


  • Other HPL colors available on request
  • Flushing glass oculus 15.75″ x 15.75″ or 23.62″ x 15.75″
  • Manual opening handle for lifting
  • Flush-mounted opening handle on the leaf panel
  • Hands-free switch
  • Push button : for your elbow or foot
  • Easy coming